︎︎︎La Manual Alpargatera is a Spanish brand that for centuries they have sold Traditional Espadrilles based on the comfort and style of cultural groups. ‘Amanuale’ is the rebranding and pop-up concept ideated as a grounding in Mediterranean heritage. The narrative claim is based on the brand-curated and exchangeable product within to always ‘Step in pleasure’. From the idea of constant transformation and connecting people with their best footwear, its adaptability, leads us to create a user’s summer fantasy adventures.



We kept the esparto as the principal material of the espadrille and maintained the gradient combinations of the color palette referring to the identity. For more customized designs, the consumer combines the colors which match the user journey and pleasure experienced in the pop-up store and recreates the best of their summer fantasy. Amanuale's product bases its concept on what the brand values claim: comfort, adaptability, and personalized experience.


We worked with the current concept of 'La Manual Alpargatera' to define a new visual and verbal expression of their brand. One that tapped deeper into their purpose: bringing an exchangeable product and foot comfort to their consumers and their future adventures.

The new brand identity visually combines two elements, the first: is the silhouette of reflex points which are found on the feet and are meant to affect different parts of the body through balancing, harmonizing, and relaxing. The second is the daily hours of summer, representing time for adventures, which conform the color palette, and both elements combined, symbolize a new memorable graphic identity.


Claiming an urban lifestyle and the service designed provided at Almanuale's Shops, their consumers are not only able to design their shoes, but they are also capable of building their own graphic identity. With the App and through UI/UX, the clients record their experiences and ideate a phisical product, embracing the sustainability of how an emotional design can evolve towards its functionality.

Creative & Art Direction:
Marta Torras-Moreno

Product Designers: Gabriela Genovés
Lucía Milara

Space Designer:
Flavia Gueterman

Creative Direction / Art Direction / Campaign / Brand Identit / Graphic Design

Digital and Set Design / Fashion Photography

Mark LOREM IPSUM eng - spa - fre