︎︎︎Created an unusual zine format edition in which each piece consists of a double-paged format and aims to (un)hide graphic grids by (de)forming an iterative design. The support objects to the communication of graphic design itself by presenting a playful format that allows the reader simultaneously unfold and fold the spread. It ‘criticizes the (de)construction of graphic systems’ from its medium and reveals other dimensions. It broke the typical structure of a publication, and its unconventionality adds to the content, an ‘abstract display of the information’. It enchants and surprises the reader by discovering elements from its dynamic development by ‘making a plain format a volume’.


We (un)hide the girds' structure when using the technique of screenprinting by forcing three different inks onto a surface through a screen of fine material. From its repetitive fold into a smaller format, we used embossing as a stamping process producing both raised and sunken designs with silver ink. We (de)formed its shape and started to construct figures when using those girds and placing them into a foil.


The zine structure challenges how to transform a 2D format into a 3D one. The girds evolve into columns and pillars when trying to form volumetric shapes which they turn into 3D sculptures. Depending on how they are folded and unfolded, playing with the material itself and the environment, we obtain representative and abstract volumes when (de)forming them. 

Creative & Art Direction:
Marta Torras Moreno
Creative Direction / Art Direction / Editorial Design / Packaging
Embossing / Litography / Screen Printing / Sculpture

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